Automotive Thermostats & Housings Cooling Products, Pressure caps & Cooling Solutions Certification to ISO 9001:2000 Pressure and Filler Caps Developed and tested to embrace the latest technology OEM specification plastics and injection mouldings OEM Quality Filters for more than 18,000 different vehicle filter applications. TRE Products are a supplier to some of the world’s leading automotive parts and vehicle manufacturers Our products have been developed and tested to embrace the latest technology in both traditional thermostats and electronic thermostat housings in both thermo-plastic and metal fabrication. Click here to discover more >

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TRE Products has gained extensive experience in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry during the past 40 years and has established itself as an important manufacturer and provider of Automotive Cooling Products, Pressure caps and Cooling Solutions with certification to ISO 9001 : 2000

Temperature is at the Heart of every working and moving engine, whether it be in Cars, Trucks, Agricultural Tractors Industrial or Off-Road Machinery.

Our focus on Quality and Manufacturing Standards and combined with International Certification has made Excellence a bi-word for our Products and Services regardless of the application or environment.

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